Shop & Support 

Throughout the year, we partner with a number of retailers who give back to a good cause! Simply shop where you normally would, and with the click of a button or snap of a receipt, send a portion of the proceeds back to GES PTA! Fundraising has never been so simple! 


Amazon Smile


Shop on Amazon much? We all do! Next time you log in, first go to and set your account up to donate to PTA Texas Congress 4409 Grapevine Elementary PTA and a portion of qualifying sales will be given back to the GES PTA.


You get the same pricing, Prime shipping, and amazing selections, and you get to benefit GES PTA at the same time. Every time you go to your Amazon account, be sure to log in via go ahead and bookmark it!


Last year we earned $826.22 from Amazon Smile!



Tom Thumb & Albertsons Good Neighbor Program


Next time you're grocery shopping at Tom Thumb or Albertsons, stop by the customer service desk and link your rewards card to their Good Neighbor Program.


Our Charity Number is 7665


After you link your card, shop as you normally do, entering in your rewards number at check out. 

Last year we earned $1,289.08 from the good neighbor program!!!




Box Tops for Education


Box Tops has changed the game up on us this but we think it's for the better! Gone are the days of clipping (unless that cereal box in your pantry still has a clippable one, then don't forget to get it to us). Now, all you have to do is snap a picture of the receipt in the Box Tops App.


There are even times when they offer double rewards and sweepstakes!


Last year, we made $79.30 from Box Tops.







Clothes & Shoes Recycling Bin


Are you getting ready to clean out your closets? Not sure what to do with those clothes your Star grew out of? Don't forget about the textiles recycling bin in the GES parking lot! Simply drop your clothes, and other fabric items in the bin, and the GES PTA will receive a check once all items are collected! Such a fast and easy way to benefit your child's school!


Last year, we made $922.47 from the Clothes & Shoes Recycling Bin.









Mabel's Labels



Outfitting our Stars for the school year is expensive, especially when they want name brands! As the Texas weather goes from cold to hot to cold again over the course of just a few hours, our Stars will shed their layers all over the school.  Each year, we donate bags upon bags of lost & found items that are not labeled to GRACE.  


Don't lose your Stars jackets, hoodies, or supplies! Be sure they are labeled!  When you order labels through Mabel's Labels, the GES PTA will receive 20% back on all orders. Simply go to Mabel's Labels and search for Grapevine Elementary PTA!

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Easy Ways to Fundraise! 

Go to to log into your Amazon account and start earning .5% on qualifying purchases for GES. Enter: PTA Texas Congress 4409 Grapevine Elementary PTA to link your account to our PTA.


Link your Tom Thumb/Albertsons card at Guest Services the next time you go shopping using Organization Number 7665. Every time you use your rewards number, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the GES PTA!


You can now skip the clipping and upload your receipt pictures to the Box Tops App


GES PTA Social Media


Help us collect photos for the yearbook by downloading the TreeRing App. It's a great way to share pictures. You can save photos to the grade level folders set up in the app. Thank you for your help!


Your logo could be here! Contact our VP of Fundraising to be a sponsor today.