Programs for our GES Stars!

We have so many fun programs and events at GES! Take a look at some of our latest activities!



GES PTA would like to extend a huge thank you to Coach Basil for planning and putting on an amazing field day for our Stars! Thank you for a day filled with fun and packed with memories! It was a wonderful way for our students to wrap up a great year! We are grateful for all your hard work!


GES PTA would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Diversity Chair Jeena Stephen for all your hard work and for putting on a phenomenal Windows of the World celebration. There was food, dancing, music, student displays and presentations, crafts, a surprise guest from Encanto, a Central Market basket giveaway, and most importantly lots of fun and learning had by all. Thank you to everyone who participated and represented so many wonderful countries and to everyone who attended!


All year long the Environmental Committee has been collecting plastic caps. Those caps were used in a variety of ways, including to make this amazing mural that was hung outside the Learning Commons. A huge shoutout to Summer Hamilton for designing this beautiful work of art as a reminder for us all to reduce our plastic waste. Thanks also to the fifth graders who helped glue the caps, and to everyone who collected caps. Happy Earth Day! 


 GES PTA would like to give a huge shout-out to Environmental Chair Summer Hamilton for the amazing Earth Day Celebration she put together for our Stars. Thank you so much for all your hard work! It was a fun afternoon celebrating. We would also like to thank all the families who came out to participate and all the volunteers who helped make this event possible. Happy Earth Week! 🌍


Special thanks to Staff Appreciation Committee Members Lindsey Harrison and Emily Strengers for helping celebrate our paraprofessional staff this week for Paraprofessional Appreciation Day yesterday.


Mrs. Hale promised students she would read a story in a surprise costume to celebrate us surpassing our halfway goal for our Read-athon and this morning she delivered! What a fun way to kick off Monday morning and what an amazing Principal we have for always encouraging our students and supporting our PTA!



 Thank you to everyone who participated and to all those who came to support our participants at the GES STEAM Fair! These students did an amazing job sharing their creative projects! We would also like to thank GES STEAM Chair Vanessa Morales for all the work she put in to make this night a success. She went above and beyond to provide a fun, educational and hands-on learning experience for our Stars! Thank you!




Thank you to PTA members Summer Hamilton, Jeena Stephen, Jana Whaley, and Betsy Marsh for spending their Friday working in the WOW Garden. Thank you for keeping this space beautiful all year long! 



Culture Club celebrated holidays around the world at the last meeting of the semester.

Many thanks to Jeena Stephen, Junell Casey-Dubois, and Elaine Milligan for volunteering with this club!




We couldn’t let it be “Snowy Day” day without some snow! Thanks to our VP of Programs Megan Holladay for organizing, Jon Moody for letting us borrow the machines, and to all our parent volunteers that helped out! SNOW much fun!




Check out the GES Dad's Club Christmas float: The Polar Express!

Our Dad's Club spent countless hours and went above and beyond building this for our students, and they won Judges’ 3rd Place!




Our Environmental Chair, Summer Hamilton, passing out lettuce that was grown and harvested by the Kinder and 5th grade buddies!




GES PTA would like to thank Anne Buse and Gerald Nepetušihapri who were guest presenters at our Culture Club’s Native American Heritage Celebration held this fall after school. We would also like to thank Jeena Stephen and Elaine Milligan for planning and organizing this event. It was a fun and educational afternoon for our Star students!




GES PTA would like to thank Environmental Chair Summer Hamilton for coordinating an amazing Fall Ball for our students and families! It was a wonderful afternoon celebrating the first day of fall! We would also like to thank all of our student members for the voice you bring to GES PTA! We loved celebrating you today! A huge thank you to our PTA leaders who volunteered to get pied! It was the perfect ending to a great event!



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