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Membership Toolkit now provides you with an easy-to-use tool to create an on-going conversation about a particular topic or provide a place to post announcements.  Users can reply or "thank" other users for their posts.



* Note: this feature is currently only available for our Premium and Concierge customers 



Examples include:

  • A teacher page that allows parents and students in the class to post questions and comments.
  • A coach's page to post team announcements about upcoming practices and games that allow players to comment about their availability.
  • A public page that allows open conversation about an upcoming event
  • An HOA page that allows community members to subscribe


Messages and Comments can be added to any website content page (existing or new).

You can control all aspects including: who has access, who can post and who receives notifications.  You can find all the information and step-by-step instructions in our Online Knowledge base under the Help Menu on the dashboard.


You can explore all the features below - put in your first comment! (you must be logged in to add a comment)



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Easy Ways to Fundraise! 

Go to to log into your Amazon account and start earning .5% on qualifying purchases for GES. Enter: PTA Texas Congress 4409 Grapevine Elementary PTA to link your account to our PTA.


Link your Tom Thumb/Albertsons card at Guest Services the next time you go shopping using Organization Number 7665. Every time you use your rewards number, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the GES PTA!


You can now skip the clipping and upload your receipt pictures to the Box Tops App


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Help us collect photos for the yearbook by downloading the TreeRing App. It's a great way to share pictures. You can save photos to the grade level folders set up in the app. Thank you for your help!


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